Recognizing that land conservation is essential to the health of the Bow watershed, Western Sky created the Bow & Beyond Initiative, our effort to promote voluntary land conservation along the Bow River and its tributaries; we are the only land trust to do so. This promising initiative has already yielded several substantial conservation projects and more are currently underway.

The Work Continues...

The Bow & Beyond Intitiative was created in 2010 as our signature program and involved contacting every landowner along the Bow River from Calgary to the Siksika First Nation Reserve. We are now in the second phase, with Western Sky staff and volunteers reaching out to landowners along the upper stretch of the Bow River, upstream of Calgary. We are also contacting landowners along the Elbow, Highwood and Sheep Rivers. Our mission is to conserve 3000 acres over five years.

Our goals with this initiative include:

Conserving natural areas, open spaces, ranch lands and farm lands

We strive to protect habitat for all species of plants and animals.

Creating awareness of the importance of watershed lands by working closely with landowners

We work with a diverse group of stakeholders to increase public awareness of the importance of the Bow River and wise watershed management.

Developing community-based watershed stewardship

We partner with both private & recreational sectors, government, non-profits and individuals to further our community based watershed stewardship activities.